No, Human

The game with the universe

As it happened before, it happend again. Mankinds puny struggle for meaning led once again to a collision with the universe. Being colonized is not every universes cup of tea, so naturally, someone is pissed a little angry and demands satisfaction. Therefore, all human presence outside of planet earth must be »demobilized« or the sun will be switched off for a couple of years.

So do your part human. Get the game now from the App Store and start demobilizing. It really is a bargain.

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Questions? Check out the gameplay video or read through the FAQ at the bottom.


Gameplay video

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Reviews and Voices

I've received a lot of nice comments since the game is in the wild! So here are some of them: (In order of appearance)

« isn't often that I come across an iPhone game that I enjoyed enough that I played from start to finish in one marathon session. I almost like that No, Human plays this way, as it feels like an oddly complete experience.» Eli Hodapp, toucharcade.comFull Review
Update Note

«I really, really enjoyed playing No, Human today. Without a doubt, it's the best game I've looked at so far this week and others will be hard-pressed to beat not just the immediate addictiveness, but also its humor and style.» Levi Buchanan, Full Review

«So far we're having a lot of fun with the No, Human. If you like action puzzle games, it's definitely worth a look.» Chris Reed, Full Feature

«No, Human is a great puzzle game that will more than impress.» Jim Squires, Full Review

«It's not much in the way of replayability, but 'No, Human' is a game worth grabbing for the quips and clever interludes that keep a smile on your face for one sweet hour.»Andrew Nesvadba, Full Review | Video Review

«Neat physics-based gameplay, neat look, neat game, sorry humans.»Kyle VanHemert, Full Review

«The writing is hilarious, the variety from level to level is impressive, and the game's chunky 3D art style looks great in action...»Ryan Rigney, Full Review

«It’s a unique theme of destroying humanity, but it’s done in a fun loving way, and really brings a lot of fun to physics puzzle games.»Trevor Sheridan, Full Review

«No, Human is an intriguing little morsel of gameplay for both the iPhone and the iPad»Mike Schramm, Full Review

«No, Human is a great, albeit short, physics puzzler that is long on style and wit. I just wish there was more of it to play.»Chris Hall, Full Review

«A seriously cool little puzzler with a comic premise.»Jeremy Horwitz, Full Review

«Explosions? I guess I’m like the universe that way… BOOM»Charlotte, Full Review

«I couldn’t stop playing this game until i reached the last level.»lopetz, Full Review

«Betraying one’s own species has never felt so good.»Jason Johnson, Full Review

«A physics-based puzzle game done right.»Tim W., Blog entry

«Sharp-edged, witty and rather frosty, and it’s a mean-spirited delight to play through.»Chris Donlan, The Friday Game

(together by coincidence)
Ha ha ha!.»
J Nash, The Rock Opera

«What’s not to like about throwing fireballs and destroying things?»George Norman, Full Review

Demobilization Progress

These stats represent the overall process of the operation. They are calculated by the most intelligent ones of the human race. Send in your scores from inside the game to rise these values or simply check how your final score competes.

Total score: Loading The total of all players final score.

Average score: Loading The average of all players final score.

Top score: Loading The best players final score.


2010-10-18 – The update is out! :-)

2010-10-10 – The update has been submitted! Soon you'll be able to play the 30 new levels!

2010-09-26 – The update is coming along nicely. I'm planning on a release in the second or third week of October. There will be a lot of new content in it, especially interesting for those of you who experienced it as too easy and too short!


You might be a little confused about all this. So here's a list of questions that got asked a lot.

  1. How does this game play?
    1. Well, you need a skillful finger, a delight in destruction and patience to solve the physics based puzzles. It starts very easy but gets harder with each level. Some say it plays like pool billard in space. The gameplay video above gives a pretty good insight to what the game is like.
  2. What do I need to play it?
    1. Currently, the game is available for the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad. You can buy it on the App Store through the link at the top of the page.
  3. Does it play differently on the iPad?
    1. Nope. It's the exact same game. But it looks nicer because of the higher resolution.
  4. I really can't get past level ##. What to do?
    1. After you failed or reloaded the level 7 times, you can skip it. Just fail again and wait for the humiliating message. Then instead of reloading, select "skip" at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Where are the 30 new levels from the update?
    1. They get unlocked after you finish level 50. You then can play another 30 levels. If you finished the game before, just select "Resume" from the play menu or select level 51 in the level selection.
  6. Will this come to the Android?
    1. I'm planning to, yes. But I cannot provide a date, sorry.
  7. Why is the nice trailer music not in the game?
    1. It was mainly because it got very repetitive and annoying after 20 minutes of playing. For the update, I asked a piano playing friend if he would record a few tracks for me. He agreed and now we have music! If you're not into classical music, you can always have your iPod running as a background app while playing the game. I enjoyed it the most with Josephine Baker, but thats probably just me :)
  8. What's the music in the game?
    1. Check out "About" in the section right below.
  9. Who made this?
    1. It's an independent production created by me. Check out the section right below if you're interested in "me".
  10. The game crashes on me since the update! Help!?
    1. Please restart your device and try to launch the game again. If this doesn't help, please delete the app and download it again from the App Store (re-downloading is free). Unfortunately, you will lose your high scores this way and you will have to play through the first 50 levels again.


NO, HUMAN created by Rolf Fleischmann

In-game music performed by Sebastian Elser:
Prelude, Opus 28, Nr. 4, Frédéric Chopin
Nocturne, Opus 48, Nr. 1, Frédéric Chopin
The Death of Ase, Peer Gynt-Suite I, Opus 46, Nr. 2, Edvard Grieg
Air, Holberg-Suite, Opus 40, Nr. 4, Edvard Grieg

Art assets created with Blender
Built with Unity
Sounds from Freesound
Samples from: Bliss, BristolStories, Corsica_S, CosmicD, Donalfonso, HerbertBoland, MiceHead, Robinhood76, suonho, themfish, zeuss

Thanks to the testers: Anina Baumann, Florian Brunner, Michael Elser, Ursula Fleischmann, Silvio Frigg, Anna Furrer, Jonas Furrer, Robert Kräplin, Reto Preisig, Joa Schmied, Anita Sonnabend, Sascha Tittmann.

Music in trailer: Adagio - Moderato, First Movement from Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85. Composer: Edward Elgar (1857 - 1934). "Recording Licensed from the UniqueTracks Production Music Library Inc."


Do you have questions, suggestions or comments?